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Grand Hotel Savoia
The Grand Hotel that scribed the history of Genoa

Amongst the oldest hotels in Italy, the history of the Grand Hotel Savoia extends back 120 years, its ancient splendour having been restored thanks to a sophisticated restoration. Since 1897, our Guest Book has gathered the signatures of the most illustrious politicians, artists, actors and musicians who have chosen the atmospheres of the Grand Hotel Savoia, a true jewel of the Belle Époque.

During the warmer months, enjoy a rich breakfast on the terrace, backdropped by the roofs of Genoa glimmering in the morning light, merging with the blue of the sea. Trace the colourful mosaics that outline the sensory pathway of the Spa or choose the luminous halls of our Congress Centre, fully equipped with the latest in sophisticated technologies. 

The hotel is located right in the historic centre, just 50 metres from the Principe Station and a short walk to the Aquarium, the Magazzini del Cotone and the Fiera di Genova.


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