Trattoria Tralalero Genoa

''Trattoria'', for those who don't know the word, is the italian definition of ''cozy and typical restaurant with traditional cuisine'' and the Trattoria Tralalero, housed in the magnificent Grand Hotel Savoia perfectly reflects both the ambiance and the culinary proposals.

Inspired by the suggestions of Fabrizio De Andrè's songs (one of the most famous italian songwriters, deeply devoted to his hometown Genoa) the Trattoria Tralalero offers its guests the most typical recipes of the ligurian and most specifically genoan cuisine, to let everyone bring home a tiny part of this peculiar tradition, with tastes that gently swing between the mediterranean sea and the steep hills of the backcountry.

Book now a table at the Trattoria Tralalero of the Grand Hotel Savoia and let Chef Luciano guide to through the maze of tiny paths that composes the perfect equilibrium of the ligurian cuisine: you will reach the end of the dinner amazed and deeply satisfied of such an unforgettable journey.