New Pavilion of Cetaceans in Genoa

A new pool for dolphins in the Genoa Aquarium

The New Pavilion of Cetaceans in the Genoa Aquarium is being opened in July 2013, entirely designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

The Genoa Aquarium, among the largest in Europe, is thus enriched by a new and spectacular pool for cetaceans that can accommodate up to 9 animals. Among the cetaceans will be hosted also Robin, Teide, Betty and Nau, the four well-known dolphins of Gardaland’s Palablù. Both children and adults will thus be able to admire from close-by the most famous four dolphins in Italy which, after years of performances in the amusement park, they will enjoy their well-deserved rest in their new modern comfortable water home.

The new open-air pool for dolphins is 23 meters high, of which 10 below sea level, and it was designed to enable the creation of a full-view path on two levels allowing the public to admire the dolphins also from above, capturing not only the movements but also the sounds produced by the dolphins.

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